[Wu Tong Hu New District] focus on the Ezhou organization minister ho Wen, Wu Tong Lake New Area purple Technology Co., Ltd.

Media report: July 26, 2018

Vigorously serve science and technology enterprises

Accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements

Wutong Lake New Area purple Technology Co., Ltd.

In July 3rd, He Wen, the Standing Committee of the Ezhou Municipal Committee and the Minister of organization, went to the new area of Wutong lake to investigate the transformation of scientific research achievements of Hubei Shenzhen purple science and Technology Co., Ltd. City People's Bureau, city science and Technology Bureau, Liangzi Lake area, Wutong Lake New District Management Committee responsible person escort investigation.

He Wen and his party visited the ultra clean room laboratory of the company, held a forum on site, and listened to the progress of the DUVTek project. At the meeting, Dr. Chen Changqing, chairman of Hubei Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd., welcomed the research group and expressed his gratitude to the municipal Party committee and government for attaching great importance to and vigorously supporting the development of the company. The main persons in charge of the relevant units respectively answered the questions and demands raised by the company one by one.

Ho Wen gave full support to all units to support the development of Shenzhen purple technology company and put forward four requirements: first, seize the golden opportunity for development and boost the quality of Wutong Lake eco science city with scientific and technological innovation. Second, we should ensure the production and life of the scientific research team, and provide comprehensive policy guarantee from the aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, so as to attract and retain high-level talents. Third, it is necessary to "tailor-made" the industrial production environment and provide high-quality, stable and reliable scientific research and production environment for high-tech enterprises on the premise of ensuring scientific research and production. Fourth, it is necessary to formulate industrial park planning with high standards, support Shenzhen purple Technology Co., Ltd. to build large-scale industrial park, realize the transformation of scientific research achievements as soon as possible, and make the products come into the market as soon as possible to benefit the people.

Hubei Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd. is a nuclear "core" technology enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of deep UV LED. It has a number of intellectual property rights in material production, chip preparation, device packaging, equipment and other aspects. The products can be used in the fields of sterilization and purification of water and air, food preservation, measurement light source, optical medicine, confidential communication, etc. Relying on Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan National Laboratory of Optoelectronics and Ezhou Industrial Technology Research Institute of Huazhong University of science and technology, the enterprise has an experienced high-quality R & D, production and sales team, all with bachelor's degree or above, including 9 doctors. The company members have published more than 200 academic research papers and applied for 21 patents in related fields. The performance of the company's deep UV LED has been certified by the national optoelectronic information product quality supervision and inspection center. Taking the revitalization of national high-tech industry as its own responsibility, and adhering to the working spirit of innovation, development, transcendence and pursuit of excellence, Shenzi technology is committed to becoming the top supplier of high-quality deep UV LED core devices and application product solutions.

Source: Official micro signal in Indus Lake New Area