Make deep ultraviolet technology bigger and stronger with international leading core device products of deep ultraviolet

Company news · July 4, 2018 09:51:05

On July 3, 2018, he Wen, member of the Standing Committee and head of organization of Ezhou Municipal Committee, ye Xiangming, vice minister and director of Ezhou human resources and Social Security Bureau, Zhao Dehui, director of Ezhou science and Technology Bureau, Xia fan, Secretary of Liangzihu District Committee of Ezhou City, and Huang Xiaoming, member of the Standing Committee of Liangzihu District Committee, visited our company for investigation and investigation.


Minister he and his party are having a discussion with the person in charge of our company

The relevant person in charge of the company introduced the development status of deep ultraviolet industry at home and abroad as well as the current R & D and industrialization process of the company to the leaders of the city. He spoke highly of the company's independent intellectual property rights, business application scope, development direction and goals. At the same time, Minister He coordinated the relevant departments one by one to solve the difficulties encountered in the development of the company. The company's future development has put forward the earnest expectation: to make the deep ultraviolet LED industry bigger and stronger, to become the international leading supplier of deep ultraviolet products and solution provider, and to win glory for China's semiconductor industry.


Minister He gave guidance and suggestions on our company's deep UV LED demonstration application products

Deep UV technology is positioned as the core device supplier of high-quality deep UV LED. It has the world's leading high-quality AlN / AlGaN material growth technology and deep UV high-temperature MOCVD equipment, and has a group of doctors, engineers and sales teams with deep UV R & D experience and LED industry experience. With the earnest care of Ezhou municipal government, DUVTek will surely go to the fast lane of development!


Group photo of leaders of Ezhou City and our company