Warmly welcome Professor Li Xiaohang from King Abdullah University of science and technology to visit our company

Company news · June 21, 2018 16:55:03

On June 21, 2018, Professor Li Xiaohang of King Abdullah University of science and technology visited our company for academic exchange and guidance of the third generation semiconductor, and made a report on "wide band gap semiconductor materials, physics, devices and equipment".

Accompanied by the company's leaders, Professor Li Xiaohang visited the company's exhibition hall, super clean room platform and other R & D and production office areas. Professor Li Xiaohang's strict and harmonious working environment has left a deep impression on the company. It is expected that both sides will strengthen interaction and realize deep cooperation, mutual benefit and common development in future cooperation projects!

After the visit, Professor Li Xiaohang shared the contents of deep ultraviolet laser, new b-iii-n material and polarization field toolbox. Professor Li Xiaohang used the pretreatment technology of TMA to control the polarity of AlN, realized the growth of AlN template with low dislocation density, high growth rate and high growth efficiency, and fabricated a low threshold optically pumped deep ultraviolet laser. Baln alloy containing 14% B was successfully prepared, which matched AlN, Gan, SiC and Ga2O3 lattices better. Through the calculation of polarization field toolbox, the critical point without polarization effect of long heterojunction on C-plane substrate is found to weaken the quantum confinement Stark effect in the device. The application and role of Baln material in deep ultraviolet LED and electronic device HEMT are shown.


Professor Li Xiaohang is sharing academic knowledge

Dr. Li Xiaohang is the PI and doctoral supervisor of the Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory of King Abdullah University of science and Technology (kaust). He is one of the professors nominated for the outstanding teaching award in 2017-2018. He obtained his doctor's degree in electronic engineering from Georgia Institute of technology. He is one of the pioneers in semiconductor deep ultraviolet laser research. Dr. Li Xiaohang has repeatedly undertaken research projects of the US Department of energy, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the US Natural Science Foundation, the China Natural Science Foundation and the Cooperation Council of the Arab States in the Gulf. For the first time in the world, the wavelength of sapphire laser shorter than 260 nm and low threshold deep ultraviolet laser are realized in the world. For the first time, TE and TM semiconductor lasers on the same substrate are realized, and the semiconductor deep ultraviolet surface stimulated radiation is realized for the first time. He has made world leading and pioneering achievements in the research of new third-generation semiconductors such as b-iii-n. more than 120 papers have been published in high-level journals and conferences of third-generation semiconductors, cited more than 1200 times (h-index 16), and made more than 30 invited reports in research institutes and companies of International Conference University. He has won the annual highest prize of SPIE Association, the highest annual doctoral award of IEEE photonics society association, and the highest graduate student award of Georgia Institute of technology.

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Prof. Li Xiaohang (fourth from left) with relevant staff of our company and researchers of Huazhong University of science and technology