Nobel laureate Takeo Nakamura is invited to visit DUVTek

Company news · 2018-02-05 10:30:33

With the gradual opening of the sterilization market of deep ultraviolet LED, deep ultraviolet LED has been paid more and more attention in the world.

On August 16, 2016, 2014 Nobel Prize winner in physics, Professor, School of engineering, University of California, Santa BarbaraProfessor Shuji NakamuraAccompanied by Dr. Chen Changqing, chairman of Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Jie, deputy general manager of Wuhan Optoelectronic Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Dr. Cao, construction management office of Wuhan future science and Technology City, visited our company for exchange. As the most authoritative expert of semiconductor LED, Professor Nakamura conducted experience exchange and provided guidance for semiconductor deep UV LED in our company. During the course of the exchange and learning, the difficulties, characteristics, application fields and development status of deep UV LED were deeply discussed, which provided ideas and directions for the research and market application of deep UV LED.


During the visit and exchange, Dr. Dai Jiangnan, President of our company, made a comprehensive introduction to the growth of deep ultraviolet epitaxial wafer, chip, module package and light source system, and described in detail the application, market scale and core technology of deep ultraviolet LED. Professor Nakamura recognized our research direction of deep UV LED, and put forward some opinions and suggestions. At the same time, he was very optimistic about the industry application of deep UV LED in the future.



Dr. Chen Changqing (Chairman and chief scientist of deep violet Technology Co., Ltd.) exchanged views with Professor Nakamura on the growth of deep ultraviolet epitaxial wafers.


Dr. Dai Jiangnan, President of the company, introduced our company's deep UV LED light source to Professor Xiuer Nakamura

Attachment: introduction to Takeo Nakamura

Xiuji Nakamura, an electronic engineer, was born in Japan on May 22, 1954.

In 1989, Professor Nakamura began to study blue LED based on three group nitrogen materials. For his outstanding achievements in blue LED, Professor Nakamura has won a series of honors including the Renke Memorial Award and the UK Top Science Award. In 2000, Professor Nakamura joined the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2014, Professor Nakamura, Kiyosaki and Hiroshi tieno won the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics for inventing "efficient blue light emitting diode".