"Little sun" ranks first in the world and can eliminate 99.99% bacteria in water purifier

Media report · February 3, 2018 15:23:10

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Chen Changqing, founder of DUVTek and a returnee doctor, introduced that such an LED lamp bead is like an artificial small sun, which can eliminate more than 99.99% of bacteria when installed on air conditioners and water purifiers, with a market scale of 10 billion yuan.

Dr. Haigui specializes in "artificial sunshine"


Dr. Chen Changqing, 46, was born in Fujian Province. He has been engaged in the research and development of group III nitride semiconductor materials and devices from a well-known scholar, asif Khan. He has entered the field of deep UV LED for nearly 20 years.

"Sunlight nourishes all things and protects human health, among which ultraviolet rays, which can sterilize and disinfect, play an important role. And can emit ultraviolet LED light, like an artificial sun, can heat curing, sterilization and disinfection Dr. Chen Changqing said.

But for a long time, the manufacturing technology of deep ultraviolet LED has been monopolized by foreign enterprises, and the cost of using related technologies and products by Chinese manufacturers is high.

Dr. Chen Changqing returned to China to start a business. He established deep violet Technology Co., Ltd. and organized a professional R & D team to engage in the R & D and industrialization of deep UV LED technology. Up to now, the company has a high-level R & D team composed of returned doctors, postdoctors, senior engineers and senior technicians, and has rich experience in deep UV LED technology research and production practice. It has a number of core intellectual property rights in high temperature MOCVD equipment, material growth, chip preparation, device packaging, etc.

Study hard to break the technological monopoly of the United States and Japan


To break through the technology monopoly, we must start with the most basic materials.


In the industry chain of LED technology, full structure epitaxial wafer is the most important. It is the basis of manufacturing deep UV LED, which determines the quality and cost of the final product.


Dr. Chen Changqing and his team members made continuous technological innovation from scratch. After ten years, they finally prepared a full-thickness AlN thick film with a thickness of 10 μ m, which greatly improved the quality of LED epitaxy.


There is another problem in the preparation of deep ultraviolet lamp beads: it is necessary to package and integrate more lamp beads in the same area to achieve higher power density ultraviolet irradiation, so as to compete with foreign countries in technical performance.

After repeated tests, the R & D team of DUVTek selected aluminum nitride ceramics with high thermal conductivity as the substrate, and adopted the world's most advanced flip eutectic technology for packaging. The thermal resistance of the light source module was successfully reduced to less than 5.5k per watt, far lower than the level of 20K per watt of foreign enterprises.


Up to now, Dr. Chen Changqing has led the team to apply for nearly 20 patents, successfully developed the world's leading deep UV duv-led core devices, and successfully applied in sterilization, disinfection, medical and other civil fields and national defense and military fields. In 2016, due to his outstanding contribution, he became the "city partner" of Wuhan city.

Enter the field of deep ultraviolet and aim at 100 billion market

At present, deep violet technology is actively developing 280 nm wavelength deep UV LED, after a year of research, it has successfully increased its power to 18 MW, reaching the world-class level.


According to reports, deep ultraviolet technology is mainly used for sterilization and disinfection, and its application field is more extensive. Once the product is mature, the duv-led lamp can be disinfected and sterilized when it is installed on the air conditioner, water purifier, refrigerator and car.


It has been estimated by some media that the total scale of disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, water purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and automobiles in China is more than 1 billion times. If we calculate by using 10 yuan of deep ultraviolet LED per commodity, the market size will exceed 10 billion yuan.


At present, several companies have cooperated in the research and development of deep UV sterilization solutions for white household appliances such as disinfection cabinets, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

Source: Hubei Daily