An exclusive interview with Hubei satellite TV: Chen Changqing, Wuhan's "city partner": a lamp bead breaking international monopoly

Media report · 2017-11-17 09:50:02

Dr. Chen Changqing, chairman and chief scientist of DUVTek, was successfully selected as the partner of Wuhan city. Hubei satellite TV specially interviewed him

Light emitting diode (LED) is a kind of semiconductor photoelectric device which can emit ultraviolet light. The manufacturing technology of this device has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time. In Wuhan, the arrival of Chen Changqing, the "city partner", has enabled Hubei to achieve a great leap forward in the field of UV LED from scratch, and then to the international leading position.

Ultraviolet rays are widely used in many fields, such as air purifiers, water purifiers and refrigerators to achieve disinfection and sterilization; in the medical field, it can treat skin diseases; in the fields of ink-jet printing curing, glue curing of electronic products and optical fiber curing, it can replace the traditional mercury lamp, with higher curing quality and efficiency.

For a long time, this technology has been monopolized by foreign companies such as the United States and Japan. To break through, we must start with the most basic semiconductor materials. In Wuhan National Laboratory of optoelectronics, LED full structure epitaxial wafers are growing in the reaction chamber of more than 1200 degrees. It is the basis and the core part of UV LED manufacturing.


In 2012, with the financial support of Wuhan 3551 program, Dr. Chen Changqing established his own R & D team, and continuously innovated technology from scratch, and successfully developed the UV LED semiconductor material growth and device preparation technology with China's independent intellectual property rights.

From chips to LED beads, advanced UV packaging technology is also needed. Only in the same area, more lamp beads can be integrated into the package, and the UV power per unit density can be improved. The good heat dissipation ability of LED devices is the key to success or failure.

From solving the growth problem of high-quality semiconductor materials to forming competitive products, Chen Changqing's team has applied for nearly 20 patents in seven years, raising the product power to 20 W / cm2, and its performance index is in the leading position in the world. At present, they have cooperated with Changhong Xinhua company to develop ultraviolet sterilization light source for white household appliances such as disinfection cabinets and refrigerators; cooperate with Changfei optical fiber to establish UV curing production line; cooperate with French PSA group to develop air purification system for vehicle air conditioning.

In December 2016, Dr. Chen Changqing officially became the second batch of Wuhan City partners and got the "green card" of service, which made him more confident.