Single core breakthrough 140 MW! Deep purple technology realizes the technological leap of UVC high power chip

Company news · June 14, 2022 09:45:37

Deep purple technology has been committed to the technical development of UVC chips for a long time. Recently, the company's R & D team has made continuous exploration in epitaxy and chip technology, and successfully achieved a breakthrough in UVC high-power chip technology. Through the optimization of epitaxial bottom layer, the design of core layer structure, the design of new p-type transparent electrode and special reflective electrode, a high-power chip with a single optical output power of more than 140MW has been successfully developed.

At present, this product has passed several rounds of verification by several customers and entered the stage of batch supply. The single core size of deep purple technology is 45*45mil. At present, the chip has been tested for several rounds of reliability.

Under the condition of 350mA injection current, the single core optical output power is 104.54mw, and its working voltage is 5.79v; Under the condition of 500mA injection current, the single core optical output power can reach 143.43mw.

The aging performance of this product is also excellent. Under the 350mA drive, the chip continues to light up for 1000 hours, and the optical power maintenance rate is still above 90%. It is estimated that the L70 life can exceed 10000 hours. The breakthrough in the technical performance of the product will help dark purple technology to be among the best in the international market.

Photoelectric test results of 45*45 lamp beads

Package test report

Life test data and life curve