LG's overseas product Xiaomi vertical air conditioner comes out with uvc-led

Industry information · 2021-06-10 00:00:00

With the arrival of hot summer, air conditioning has become a good medicine to save summer heat. Recently, LG and Xiaomi ecological chain company yunmi have launched the latest air conditioners.

01. The sterilization rate of LG brand UVC led air conditioner reaches 99.99% & nbsp;


LG launched a new art cool mirror uvnano air conditioner in Spain,

Provide users with safe and hygienic air to the greatest extent this summer. It can disinfect 99.9% of the bacteria in the air conditioning fan to ensure fresh air. Uvnano technology and plasma ion generator filter complement each other, which can release up to 3 million ions, neutralize and eliminate bacteria, allergens, pollen or organic compounds, and improve the air quality of the whole room. In addition, the new LG art cool mirror has an automatic cleaning function, which can automatically dry the battery to prevent moisture, odor and fungi.

02. Xiaomi UVC led air conditioner


Yunmi NAVI 2ai vertical air conditioner provides three sterilization modes


In order to meet the needs of consumers for more use scenarios, yunmi launched NAVI 2ai vertical air conditioner (sterilization version) and launched a popular pre-sale in Xiaomi. In addition to continuing the sterilization function of UVC led air conditioner and carrying innovative AI mode, it has many reasons worth starting. By irradiating the evaporator and the air flowing through, the large air volume flowing through and the surface of the evaporator are disinfected and sterilized to achieve the sterilization effect. The removal rate of common bacteria and viruses is as high as 99.9%, and you can enjoy healthy and cool air. At the same time, according to the user's demand for air conditioning in spring, summer, autumn and winter all year round, yunmi NAVI 2ai vertical air conditioning can achieve different modes such as refrigeration + sterilization, heating + sterilization, air supply + sterilization and so on.

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In addition, from last year to now, domestic manufacturers such as Haier, Midea, Gree and oaks have released UVC led air conditioners.