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Media report · 2021-03-29 00:00:00

Source: Ezhou municipal government website

DUVTek defines healthy life from "core"

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March 18th

Inspection after chip lithography by technicians of Hubei Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd

In order to avoid residual glue or other defects in chip graphics

Photo by all media reporter Lu Qing

What should I do if I'm afraid of bacteria when I'm on a field trip or eating?

Gan Shaoxiong, director of administrative personnel of Hubei Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd., recently handed a package of sterilizer, which is smaller than tissue paper and weighs only 38 grams, to reporters at a forum. Aim at an unsterilized tableware and turn on the switch of the sterilizer. After 10 seconds, the tableware is disinfected,The sterilization rate reached 99.9%

"Although it's small, it can kill bacteria on washing machines, refrigerators, water purifiers, air conditioners, toilets and so on. The secret lies in these" little suns. " The "little sun" in Gan Shaoxiong's words isSelf made deep UV LED chip developed by deep UV technology

Such a 0.5mm LED chip can emit deep ultraviolet light invisible to the naked eye, like an artificial sun, which can play the role of sterilization. With the continuous improvement of public health awareness, the demand for this kind of deep UV LED chip has soared. In 2020, the company's sales orders will increase more than ten times.

Defining healthy life from "core"

What is deep UV? How is it different from the ultraviolet light we know everyday?

It is understood that according to the wavelength division, ultraviolet can be divided into UVA long wave ultraviolet, UVB medium wave ultraviolet, UVC short wave ultraviolet and VUV vacuum ultraviolet. UVA long wave ultraviolet is called near ultraviolet; UVC shortwave ultraviolet is called deep ultraviolet, which has the shortest wavelength, the highest energy and the most precious. The uvc-led products developed and produced by deep purple technology are developed throughHigh energy shortwave ultravioletTo achieve the effect of strong sterilization.

"Our deep UV LED products are very different from the traditional disinfection violet lamp." This is what Gan Shaoxiong stressed. At present, most of the germicidal products used in civil and industrial fields are ultraviolet mercury lamps, and mercury is a severe poison that will cause serious damage to the living environment. With the formal entry into force of the Minamata Convention on mercury in 2017, the traditional disinfection violet lamps containing mercury are gradually withdrawn from the market due to production restrictions.

"In this context,Mercury free deep UV LEDThis all solid state light source is environmentally safe, small in size, high in efficiency and long in life,Only 0.5 mm size of deep UV LED beads can emit deep UV light stronger than 1 meter long mercury lamp。” Gan Shaoxiong said.

"During the SARS period, the Institute for viral disease prevention and control of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that the use intensity was more than 90% μ The coronavirus was exposed to deep ultraviolet radiation (UVB) of W / cm2 for 60 minutes,It can kill SARS virus. The two viruses of New Coronavirus and SARS are the same viruses. Theoretically speaking, scientific and rational use of deep ultraviolet rays can be used.Effective killing New Coronavirus。” Gan Shaoxiong said that in the prevention and control of the epidemic, there are roughly three types of deep UV LED products are widely used: surface disinfection appliances, such as multi-function sterilizer, etc; Portable sterilization equipment for daily life, such as portable sterilization stick, sterilization box, etc; Deep UV LED air sterilization and purification products, such as humidifier, dehumidifier, wall mounted UV sterilizer, etc.

It has been estimated by the media that the number of households usingDisinfection cabinet, dishwasher, water purifier, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and carWith a total scale of more than 1 billion units (Times), the market potential of deep UV LED products is huge.

Gan Shaoxiong said that if the deep UV LED replaces mercury lamp, it means that in the next 10 years, the deep UV industry will develop into a new industry like LED lighting.