The air humidifier used by every family may be the culprit of pneumonia. How to avoid causing pneumonia

Industry information · 2020-01-06 18:25:07

In autumn and winter, when the weather is dry and haze is getting worse, Ms. Wang in Huaian turns on the humidifier 24 hours at home. Unexpectedly, she causes her two-year-old daughter to cough repeatedly and attack asthma. The doctor diagnosed "humidifier pneumonia". Many people are very confused, humidifier originally is to increase air humidity, let dry face and throat more comfortable, how can cause pneumonia?


In fact, what doctors call "humidifier pneumonia" is very similar to the common "air conditioning disease" in summer. It is caused by harmful microorganisms entering the human respiratory tract through the air and causing inflammation. "Humidifier pneumonia" is not only a disease of pneumonia, but also a series of diseases of respiratory system, such as upper respiratory tract infection (cold), bronchitis, asthma, etc. Common symptoms are aggravated nasal congestion, cough, expectoration, asthma, fever and so on.

Humidifier may cause "humidifier pneumonia", in fact, the mistake is not in the humidifier itself, but improper use.

1. Humidification time is too long

As we all know, water is the source of life. Bacteria and viruses are attached to dust and air, and microorganisms are attached to the surfaces of various objects in the room. This thing is the same as human beings. They like to survive under the appropriate temperature and humidity. Once the humidity in the room increases, the microbial reproductive capacity will increase and enter into rapid growth and reproduction. However, in a dry climate, the living conditions are relatively bad, and various microorganisms will enter into dormancy state in different forms. Therefore, if the humidifier is used continuously for 24 hours, the air humidity is too high, and it is easy to breed various pathogenic microorganisms. The correct way is: it is suggested that humidification should be stopped every two hours and the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation. The most suitable air humidity in winter is 40% - 60%. A hygrometer can be provided in the room at the same time to keep the room in the appropriate humidity range. The humidifier should be placed at a height of about one meter from the ground, which is conducive to the humidifier to produce appropriate humidity.


2. The humidifier does not pay attention to cleaning

The water in the humidifier is stagnant water, which is easy to absorb and breed bacteria. After humidifier into a water mist containing bacteria, it is easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract, people with low immunity are easy to cause various respiratory diseases. The correct way: humidifier should pay attention to keep clean, generally use about 3 days, it is necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning on the humidifier, you can use about 70 degrees of hot water for soaking, and then repeatedly wash with running water, wipe off the scale with wet cloth, the small groove in the humidifier can not be ignored, must be cleaned up.


3. Water quality

If the water quality is not good, it will form water mist after humidifier. Bacteria, fungi and chemicals in the water may be inhaled into the respiratory tract. For example, the tap water contains bleach, minerals, Escherichia coli, fungi and other substances. Some people love vinegar, Banlangen, essential oils, perfume, fungicides, etc. these drugs or chemical components, if inhaled into the lungs, are prone to cause rhinitis or asthma. Correct way: it is best to use pure water or distilled water in the humidifier. You can also boil the tap water and cool it before adding it. Do not mix anything else into the water. Pay attention to changing the water every day during use.


The correct use of humidifier can significantly reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases. If there are elderly people, children and patients with respiratory diseases, they should pay more attention to the correct use of humidifier. If respiratory diseases related to humidifier appear, they should go to the respiratory department of the hospital in time to find out the causes.