Congratulations on the successful opening of the third generation semiconductor technology and Application Industry Development Seminar

Company news · 2019-06-04 22:53:59

On June 4, 2019,The third generation semiconductor technology and Its Application Industry Development SeminarBeautiful Liangzi LakeGrand opening. Many frontier explorers of science and application research at home and abroad gather to discuss the development of the industry.

The third generation semiconductor materials have the characteristics of high breakdown electric field, high saturated electron velocity, high thermal conductivity, high electron density and high mobility, which make them have broad application prospects in the fields of short wave luminescence, laser, detection and other optoelectronic devices and high-temperature, high-voltage, high-frequency and high-power electronic power devices. For example, semiconductor lighting, smart grid and high-speed train in energy-saving power electronics; visible light communication, mass optical storage and high-speed computing in Information Engineering; ultraviolet detectors and microwave devices in the field of national defense construction; wireless infrastructure (base station), satellite communication, cable TV and power electronics in civil and commercial applications; and new energy vehicles and consumption Electronic and other fields.The third generation semiconductor materials are leading the industrial revolution of new generation electronic information technology.

The third generation semiconductor materials have broad application prospects, huge market demand and huge economic benefits. Therefore, after the semiconductor lighting, the United States has upgraded the electronic power devices based on the third generation semiconductor materials to the height of national strategic layout, so as to ensure the dominant position of the United States in this field. Recently, the United States has explicitly listed it in exportscontrolList, highlightStrategic position of the third generation semiconductor materials。 At home, the third generation semiconductor industry is developing steadily thanks to the favorable macro policies of the whole semiconductor industry, the pursuit of the capital market, the active promotion of local governments and the extensive entry of enterprises.

In order to deepen the exchange of research and application industry development of the third generation semiconductor technology, Ezhou Institute of industrial technology of Huazhong University of science and technology and Ezhou municipal government jointly held this seminar.

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The third generation semiconductor technology and Its Application Industry Development Seminar

Among the guests attending the meeting were Yue Jin, vice mayor of Ezhou City, pan Junyou, a special expert of the national "Thousand Talents Program" of the Central Organization Department, Professor Lu Hai of Nanjing University, and Professor Li Xiaohang of king of science and Technology University of Saudi Arabia, and other experts and scholars from various universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises. Around the UV LED materials, devices and application systems, the guests discussed how to realize the collaborative innovation of the whole industry chain technology and the industrial cluster and high-quality development. They also discussed the third generation semiconductor power electronics, UV detector, UV LED sterilization and phototherapy technology, and provided valuable suggestions for domestic UV LED technology research and industrial development.

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Experts and scholars make special reports

As an incubating enterprise of deep ultraviolet optoelectronic device R & D platform of Ezhou Institute of industrial technology, Huazhong University of science and technology, Shenzi technology has a number of core intellectual property rights in high-temperature MOCVD equipment, material growth, chip preparation, device packaging and other aspects. The self-developed high-efficiency deep ultraviolet LED chip device and its related application product system occupy the leading position in the world. The research and industrialization achievements of the company have been highly appraised by Ezhou municipal government and various research institutions.

At this meeting, Dr. Chen Changqing, chairman and chief scientist of the company, delivered a special report entitled "third generation semiconductor UV LED chip and industrial development", expressing the expectation of contributing to the development of national high-tech chip technology: with the strong support and cooperation of Ezhou municipal government and colleagues from all walks of life, the company is determined to expand and strengthen the deep ultraviolet semiconductor industry, and is willing to be the third largest in the country It has made a small contribution to the development of semiconductor industry. At the same time, hopeThrough this meeting, the company has established good cooperative relations with various research institutions and industries to jointly promote the development of the industry.

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Special report on the third generation semiconductor UV LED chip and industrial development